Welcome to Challenge Phase 1

It’s that time again! For all new or returning Challengers, welcome to Phase 1 of C33! In case you didn’t know, the 45-day F45 Challenge consists of four phases each of which has a unique holistic health focus. Within each phase, you’ll be able to access a variety of blogs, Q&A videos, and media updates either on the Challenge site or Challenge app! Once you’ve registered for F45 Challenge you’ll gain access to a range of science-based wellness resources from customized meal plans and nutrition to mobility and recovery videos so you can maximize your training performance. 

All About Phase 1 Spring Training 

Phase 1 is the first 10-day period of each F45 Challenge and is centered around establishing a healthy lifestyle routine. Why is this important? Mastering a wellness routine is key for being able to maintain a high level of training while also promoting positive changes in body composition while avoiding training plateaus. Long-term training results are built upon a solid foundation of quality nutrition, sleep, stretching, hydration, and mental wellness. In order to maximize training performance and progress over these next 45-days, our team at HQ is here to guide you in developing your own personal F45 daily wellness routine. This includes daily quality food consumption using either the online F45 customized meal plans developed by our F45 nutrition team or meal delivery from our F45 meal suppliers. It also includes warming up before workouts and prioritizing stretching after each session along with regular hydration and quality sleep every day. 

As we get geared up for this first phase of F45 workouts, F45 Nutritionist Kim Bowman recommends writing out a few target goals for this first phase along with creating a weekly schedule by writing out your ideal daily routine. Physically, writing out a weekly routine creates a sense of accountability and ensures that we can start to implement these healthier habits on a more consistent basis. Additionally, when we’ve actively noted what we want to do or accomplish each week, we can start to reflect on what things might be limiting our ability to stay consistent and accomplish our goals. While everyone differs in their daily routine, here’s an example of a few key components to help get you started and on track for Challenge Phase 1!  


Pre-Challenge 33 Checklist

  • Register for C33 by checking in on the Challenge app and complete your Challenge profile. 
  • Visit your local F45 studio for your pre-challenge In-Body scan (no more than 3 days prior to the start of the Challenge). 
  • Grocery shop for your customized meal plan or order your choice of challenge prepared meals from one of our F45 meal suppliers. 

Now that you’ve gotten the prep out of the way, thinking about what you want to incorporate into your daily routine and meal plan is important for accountability and progress. Here’s an example of what a basic daily wellness routine might look like during the first week of C33. 


C33 Week 1 Daily Routine and Meal Planning 

  • Wake up & hydrate with 8-oz water 

  • Complete F45 Training 45-minute session: Warm Up + F45 Workout +  post-workout stretch. 

  • Mid-day stretch for 10-15 minutes 

  • Set a sleep schedule: 6:30am wake up  10:30pm sleep (7-8 hours of quality sleep!)

Now it’s your turn. Jot down what your ideal daily routine looks like from morning to evening! 





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