Meet Sarah, From F45 Training Bundaberg

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Sarah’s Challenge Transformation

Before embarking on my F45 journey, my life was the epitome of unhealthy. I had a strong dislike for exercise and zero knowledge about nutrition. From excessive binge-drinking every weekend to eating take-out for numerous meals a week; partnered with absolutely no form of exercise, I was piling on the weight fast. I had joined numerous regular gyms in hopes of changing the vicious cycle I was stuck in but within a few weeks of joining I would lose any kind of determination I had which I’d then just chuck in the towel. But all this changed once I made the life-changing decision to try F45.

I’ve come to love exercise and have literally been hooked ever since the first session. I went from blatantly refusing to train mornings to being a ‘regular’ in the 5:45 am class as well as the 6 pm class. Not only did I say goodbye to all the extra weight, but to the social anxiety & depression in which I was suffering. I swapped late nights for early morning workouts; alcohol for protein shakes and my party shoes for gym shoes.

I can honestly say that F45 has completely re-shaped my life (and of course body!). I now smile when I look in the mirror as I see not only a huge physical change but a happy, healthy, motivated and confident person. The reflection I now see in the mirror is a true reflection of what F45 does! For years I dreamt about what it would feel like to be so happy and confident in my own skin, and what living a healthy lifestyle would do… and thanks to F45 my dream has now become my reality.

F45 is not only life-changing but it’s life-saving!


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