Meet Miranda, Challenge 21 Greatest Weight Loss




  1.    Why did you sign up to the F45 Challenge?

To lose weight! After having my second child last year I had a lot of stubborn weight and simply ‘watching what I was eating’ wasn’t working for me. I signed up for the combined meal plan and exercise regime, with the intention of following strictly to achieve weight loss.


  1. What kept you motivated throughout the 8 weeks?

The combination of the diet and F45 classes had an immediate impact on my weight. This kept me motivated to keep sticking with the plan the whole way through.


  1. What advice would you give to the next Challenger?

Stick to it. While some parts of the diet are challenging (ie- no coffee during the first two weeks and no alcohol) it’s all worth it at the end. So don’t give up.


  1. What was your favourite thing about the F45 Challenge?

The challenge is designed in a way that makes it easy to succeed.  The meals plans are easy to follow and the classes are fun.


  1. What part about the Challenge did you find most challenging and how did you push through it?

The first two weeks and last two weeks were the hardest for me. I am a big coffee drinker so the first two weeks were difficult. The last two weeks were also hard with the more restricted meal plans. I just took each week as it came and focused on getting through the challenge one week at a time.


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