Meet Joe, Challenge 21 Greatest Body Fat Loss Champion



  1.    Why did you sign up to the F45 Challenge?

 I recently returned from overseas travel, was feeling overweight, lethargic and unfit.  I wanted to change this and be fit again for the footy season.

  1. What kept you motivated throughout the 8 weeks?

 Training with brother, my girlfriend and remaining focused on attending daily F45 sessions and not the results.

  1. What advice would you give to the next Challenger?

 Be organised to ensure you can get to training each day and prepare meals within the guidelines in advance to mitigate any excuses.

  1. What was your favourite thing about the F45 Challenge?

 Hollywood sessions and meeting and training with new people – being part of a community.

  1. What part about the Challenge did you find most challenging and how did you push through it?

Not drinking alcohol and the temptations of social dinners. Maintained a social life to keep realistic and balanced, but chose food on the menu that was within the Challenge guidelines and drank healthy alternatives to alcohol i.e. lemon water.


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