How to Survive Your First Week Back at the Gym


Great news!  Restrictions are beginning to ease in different parts of the world and we’re starting to see our favorite local businesses opening back up, including your local F45 studio! While the thought of working out alongside others and seeing actual gym equipment again is super exciting, a lot of us can be left with a daunting lack of confidence. “Did I eat too many iso snacks?” “I don’t feel fit enough to go back.” “How am I going to make it through a full Hollywood session?”

Don’t worry, team, we’ve got your back. Our Athletics team has offered some handy tips and tricks to getting back into your in-studio workouts.

The beauty of coming into an F45 studio is that it is a judgement-free zone. We accept all walks of life, ages and fitness levels. If you haven’t been moving as much during lockdowns, don’t sweat it—just take it back to the drawing board and have a chat with your F45 trainer about your new fitness goals. Your goal may simply be to work up to your original pre-lockdown fitness, to get a certain number of Lionheart points in a Hollywood session, or to get back to using the blue kettlebell. Whatever your focus is, we can work with you to develop a realistic plan and support you along the way.


Our sessions feel a little bit different when we’re back in the studio, and that’s okay. It’s easy to get excited by having a room full of F45’ers, music and equipment, but remember to set a steady pace that you can keep up for the whole workout. You may need to be humble and take it back a notch with your weights on strength days while you focus on your technique and perfect those movement patterns. Ask your coach to give you some pointers on how to improve your form, or give you a modification if something doesn’t feel right. At F45, we always want to prioritize our technique before we add load or speed to a movement in order to reduce the likelihood of fatigue-induced injuries. Take your time to build up your cardio endurance and strength and you’ll see a steady progression over your first few weeks back. You may even surprise yourself by how quickly you improve!

Part of self improvement is knowing your limits. Your local studio is an ego-free zone, so if you feel like you’re pushing too hard, listen to your body and slow down or take a quick break. We’d prefer you to take a rest day every now and then, rather than push too hard and need a week off to recover from the DOMS. Walking/jogging/cycling to the studio is a great way to add a little extra to your warm-up. Also, if you can take 30 minutes a day to run one of our At-Home recovery sessions, your body will thank you for the extra opportunity to stretch out those muscles!


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