Level Up Your At-Home Workout

Unable to match your current routine to the one you had pre-social distancing? Read on as we discuss how to gain more motivation and level up your workout at home.


Chances are that in settling into your now-established routine of social distancing could leave you feeling lethargic, unfocused and less motivated than usual. We’re here to help—our F45 studios around the world are running daily sessions on Zoom if you’d like to join a local workout community, and our Athletics team has curated a few handy tips to bring the spark back into your workout.

Adjust your goals.
Setting clear goals is an important step in boosting your motivation and defining the path you should take to reach your objectives. Your original goals of getting ready for that 10K fun run, losing weight for your sister’s wedding, or getting in shape before your big holiday might be momentarily on hold for now; however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time for yourself to get stronger and healthier. You may need to embrace more of an intrinsic focus during these uncertain times. For example, your new goal could be to move your body for 45 minutes a day to take time out for yourself, feel more balanced and improve your strength. 

Write your new goals on Post-it notes and stick them to your bathroom mirror so that you are reminded of them often. Talk to your trainers about how they can help keep you accountable and achieve your goals—maybe this means signing up for the 45-day Challenge!


Set out a dedicated workout space.
Much like designating a certain area of your house as a workspace helps give you a healthy separation between your work life and your home life, setting up a dedicated workout space helps encourage a regular exercise routine. Have enough space for your exercise mat and some equipment (or creative alternatives), where you ideally can move forwards, backwards and side-to-side without restriction. Somewhere with fresh air flow is preferable, and of course, something to prop your phone or laptop on so that you can follow along with our virtual workouts! Coming to your designated workout space regularly will make it more of a ritual, and can help inspire you to keep up your routine.


Eliminate the excuses.
Preparation is the key to staying on track. No time? Book your sessions into your calendar for the same time each day. Most people will find that getting a workout done and dusted in the morning is the best option, as they are more likely to feel tired at the end of the work day. 

Oversleeping? Set your alarm for the same time every day and put your phone or clock out of reach so that you have to get up to turn it off. Lay out your workout clothes the night before with a sweat towel and your water bottle.

Motivation running low? Enlist a virtual workout buddy! It could be a friend, colleague, cousin or someone that you would normally see at the gym. Make a “no excuses” pact to join a virtual workout session together 3-4 times a week, and message each other regularly to keep each other accountable.


Up the ante.
Increasing the resistance or load within an exercise is a great way to challenge yourself and keep you engaged in your workouts. You may need to get creative with what you have around your house to add a little extra to your workout moves—your trainers will also be able to provide you with some ideas. A filled backpack or shopping bag can be used for deadlifts or squats, water bottles or tin cans instead of dumbbells, a basketball or a cushion instead of a medicine ball, and if you have some resistance bands handy, even better!

F45 has also designed the LIIT Kit and LIIT Kit PRO equipment packs, available to purchase on the F45 Store. These at-home equipment packs also feature their own respective on-demand workouts to keep up your HIIT sessions from the comfort of your own home. Click here for North America, or here for outside of the US.    


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