How to Do the 3-Peat Workout at Home

Congratulations team, we’re already into the fourth week of the 45-Day Challenge!

We’re kicking off this week with a real test of your fitness—the 3-Peat workout. You might be familiar with this workout if you’ve experienced it in one of our studios, but if you’re new to this session, here’s how it works:

3-Peat is a 45-minute fitness challenge that tests all facets of functional training. There are 10 stations in this workout and the timing is 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest, 1 set on each station, and 3 laps of the 10 exercises. Each station will have a target number of repetitions to complete. If you’re working out with us at home today, you can download the score sheet for the Bodyweight 3-Peat workout here, and the Weighted 3-Peat workout here. If you achieve the target number of repetitions for the exercise, that counts as one point. Use the score sheet along the way to keep track of your progress and then add up the number of points you scored out of 30 at the end of the workout.

Remember, form is more important than achieving the targets. Have fun with this challenging session, but make sure you’re completing the exercises with good technique.

Happy training, team, and keep up the great work!


Bodyweight 3-Peat workout


Weighted 3-Peat workout


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