5 Healthy Snack Recipes

Working from home? Here are five HEALTHY snack recipes for when you find yourself looking through the pantry:

Apple Charger

This snack is a game changer—incredibly simple yet satisfying. Coming in at under 200 calories, we might just have two…(or even three). 



Banana Protein Smoothie 

Perfect for a morning pick-me-up or even an afternoon refreshment! This creamy smoothie is a healthy way to stay fuller for longer, keep up your protein intake and still get in those micronutrients, all whilst replying to emails. 



Blueberry Almond Yoghurt Pot 

Freshness in full force! With blueberries for sweetness and almonds for crunch, this snack recipe uses ingredients you are likely to have at home already, so you won’t even need to leave the house!



Hemp Power Snack Bar 

One batch of these delicious bars will last you the entire week and keep you powered up for each work day ahead! Yes, you’re only meant to eat one a day. 



Avocado and Peppery Tomato Rice Cakes 

With only four ingredients and three very simple steps, this is the perfect snack for those who want healthy treats with minimal effort. Working from home is tough enough!



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